About Dr. Raja Tooma

Dr. Tooma MDI am Dr. Raja Tooma, a Board-certified family medicine physician, with a special interest in Dermatology and adult medicine.


I am excited about moving to Auburn to start my practice as part of Weimar Medical Group.


I practiced for many years in Southern California, and was pleased to gain a large patient following. Medicine was always interesting, and my interactions with patients were always pleasant and friendly. But the real fulfillment in my profession began when I realized that the root of the vast majority of illnesses is actually emotional unrest, as well as the wrong lifestyle!


And so, as I developed a passion to take on both these issues, and to address the person as a whole, I have come to enjoy tremendous satisfaction in my profession And this has led to the true satisfaction of my patients, as well!


Come in to the Weimar Medical Group, meet our staff, and find out how we can take care of your medical/dermatological needs.


I will be thrilled to meet you! I know you will be pleased that you did.


God bless!

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